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Developed in partnership with Bank Street College of Education, our Education Center provides free course materials and educational content to anyone looking to learn more about the Empire State Building

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Art Educations

Discover the beauty and power of the iconic Empire State Building by looking at the skyscraper’s visual impact through an artistic lens. Students will learn Visual Thinking Strategies, concepts of perspective, and how to examine photography.

For grades 3-5 For grades 6-8 For grades 9-12

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Social Studies

Students will learn about the construction of the Empire State Building and the extraordinary teamwork of those who helped make it possible.

For Grades 3-5 For Grades 6-8 For Grades 9-12


When looking for groundbreaking engineering challenges, the Empire State Building shines as a global icon of human design. This program will teach the significance of how simple machines, laws of force, and carefully selected materials created this New York City landmark.

For grades 3-5 For grades 6-8 For grades 9-12

builders sitting on empire statebuilding steel

Students will learn about some of the large numbers that exist within the walls of the Empire State Building – from floor counts to staircases, and understand how to use these metrics in everyday problem solving.

For grades 3-5 For grades 6-8 For grades 9-12

Science & Technology

Explore the technology and innovation that makes the Empire State Building one of today’s most advanced skyscrapers.

For Grades 3-5 For Grades 6-8 For Grades 9-12

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More Resources & Activities

Explore additional information and materials for both teachers and students, including activities to enrich your visit to the Empire State Building.

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