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Germany introduces new restrictive measures to contain COVID-19

German authorities, concerned about the growing number of coronavirus infections in neighboring European countries, have decided to introduce stricter restrictive measures aimed at containing the second wave of the pandemic. Although Germany does not see the same scale of infection and deaths from COVID-19 as in many other Western European countries, the Federal government and the authorities of 16 German States have reached a draft agreement on new restrictive measures, the BBC reports.

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A minimum fine of 50 euros will be imposed on anyone who violates the rules regarding face masking – in shops, public transport or anywhere else. This measure will be introduced in 15 of the 116 lands.

Large-scale mass events (concerts, shows, sports events) will be banned until the end of the year, although exceptions will be made for regions where there is a low level of infection. This means that viewers have little chance of returning to Bundesliga football matches.