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The EU has asked European governments not to reduce the quarantine

The European Union has asked the governments of the Old World countries not to reduce the 14-day quarantine for people infected with COVID-19, due to the fact that many patients develop the disease even two weeks after a recorded negative test. This was stated by the head of the bloc’s health Agency, signaling a new […]

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Russian Embassy in Germany: Berlin did not provide invoices on the situation with Navalny

The Russian Embassy in Germany commented on the latest news about the situation with blogger Navalny. The Russian diplomatic mission said that the Russian Ambassador was invited to a conversation with the German foreign Ministry and was informed about the contents of the statement of the German Federal government. Developers: Novichok was not used in […]

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Maas: Sanctions against Nord stream 2 contradict international law

In Berlin, us extraterritorial sanctions against Nord stream 2 are considered to be inconsistent with international law. This was stated by German foreign Minister Heiko Maas. “I will say what I always say in this regard. We do not believe that such extraterritorial sanctions are in accordance with international law. I also stated this in […]

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Merkel: Nord stream 2 will be completed despite US threats

Nord stream 2, as promised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will be completed despite the threats of sanctions against the project coming from Washington. This is reported by the German TV channel MDR. In Germany, called the height of the impudence of the us threat to the ” Nord stream-2″ Merkel said this during a […]

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Media: after 5 years in Germany, there are still differences on the migration crisis

“We can do it!” – this famous phrase was uttered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel five years ago against the background of the migration crisis. At that time, tens of thousands of migrants, mostly Syrians, crossed the borders with the European Union. Merkel ordered refugees stranded in Hungary to be allowed into Germany. Between 2016 […]

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38 thousand people came to a demonstration against restrictive measures in Berlin

38,000 people took part in Saturday’s March in Berlin, more than 300 of them were detained. The police reported that there were pockets of unrest in the city. The protest was triggered by an increase in the number of infections in Europe and growing public dissatisfaction with measures to contain the spread of the virus […]

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In Berlin, opponents of measures to combat the coronavirus were dispersed

Police broke up a demonstration against measures to combat the coronavirus, which took place in the city center. About 18,000 people took part in the event at the Brandenburg gate, Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse. Conspiracy theorists and radicals joined the March, according to the newspaper Die Welt. First case of repeated coronavirus infection confirmed […]