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Russian Embassy in Germany: Berlin did not provide invoices on the situation with Navalny

The Russian Embassy in Germany commented on the latest news about the situation with blogger Navalny. The Russian diplomatic mission said that the Russian Ambassador was invited to a conversation with the German foreign Ministry and was informed about the contents of the statement of the German Federal government.

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“No substantive invoice was passed to the Ambassador,” the Embassy’s Facebook comment reads.

The Embassy also noted that they expect from Berlin’s most rapid response “sent on August 27, 2020 the Prosecutor General of Russia a request to the Federal office of justice of Germany about the legal aid in the ongoing Russian police checks on the fact of hospitalization of A. Navalny.”Russian diplomats also urged partners to avoid politicizing the incident and rely solely on reliable facts. The Embassy expressed hope that the German side will present them as soon as possible. “We look forward to full cooperation and exchange of information using existing bilateral legal mechanisms,” the Russian Embassy concluded.