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Merkel: Nord stream 2 will be completed despite US threats

Nord stream 2, as promised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will be completed despite the threats of sanctions against the project coming from Washington. This is reported by the German TV channel MDR.

In Germany, called the height of the impudence of the us threat to the ” Nord stream-2″
Merkel said this during a visit to the city of Stralsund.

“The German government intends to complete the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline despite us opposition,” the Chancellor said . …The Federal government has always supported the construction of the gas pipeline. We consider the extraterritorial sanctions of the Americans illegal.”

The topic of building a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was also discussed at the meeting of German foreign Minister Heiko Maas and US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo. “We do not believe that such sanctions, which have an extraterritorial character, comply with international law. And I reported this directly to my colleague, ” Maas said after the talks.

In December 2019, the United States imposed sanctions on contractors for the construction of the pipeline, which caused construction to be suspended. According to the Russian side, it will still be completed, but later for several months.

Currently, Nord stream 2 is more than 93 percent complete.