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Maas: Sanctions against Nord stream 2 contradict international law

In Berlin, us extraterritorial sanctions against Nord stream 2 are considered to be inconsistent with international law. This was stated by German foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

“I will say what I always say in this regard. We do not believe that such extraterritorial sanctions are in accordance with international law. I also stated this in a direct dialogue with my colleague Mike Pompeo, ” the German foreign Minister said. According to him, quoted by RIA Novosti, Berlin will make its own decisions on the country’s energy supply.

Maas has repeatedly expressed his position on this issue. “No state has the right to dictate the EU’s energy policy,” he said during a visit to Moscow and talks with Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in early August. “We make decisions on European energy policy in European capitals and jointly in Brussels. We decide where to buy energy, ” the German foreign Minister said at the time.

Berlin is taking an active position on this issue not only because the German economy is one of the leading in the EU, but also because Germany has been chairing the EU Council since July 1.

Dissatisfaction with the aggressive policy of the United States is expressed in Germany at various levels. “The threat of sanctions from the three senators against companies in any way connected with Nord stream 2, as well as individual employees of these companies, is arrogance,” Frank Kracht, mayor of Sassnitz, said recently. And the German Parliament is studying the possibility of bringing the issue of US threats to impose sanctions on Nord stream 2 to the UN level.

The construction of the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline is the largest commercial project of the last decade, implemented by Russian and German companies together with partners from other European countries. The Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly noted that Moscow considers aggressive us attempts to disrupt the completion of the gas pipeline by imposing extraterritorial sanctions against its participants as a blatant violation of international law by Washington and gross interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States.